IEP System for Region IX districts 


- For access to a specifc file in the system, please contact the case   
  manager for that file. 

- Before contacting REGION IX about your password, be sure you are  
  entering your user name correctly. All user names follow the same
  patter of:    firstname.lastname

- For more assistance:

  •    View the IEPix Technical Assistance Manual
  •    View the Google Documents Help Page
  •    Call Region IX Education Cooperative at 575.257.2368
  •    Submit at R9 tech request. Click Here

Content Support

- For questions on IEP content please look at the Legal Framework Resource for IEPs at the Region IX webpage.

    a.    The IEP template that is currently in your home folder of IEPIX is the most up to date IEP available.  Any new IEP's should be created from this document.  You should avoid "Save as New Copy" from an old IEP and instead create a new one based on the new Template    
    b.  Make sure you are using a current version of Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari.
    c.  Computer requirements: A current model computer or mobile device capable of accessing Google Docs for Education.
    d.  This one is important, it is highly recommended to use a "wired connection instead of wireless", if you are working on a laptop and in various locations, please see a Region IX tech person to have them provide you with a cable that you can carry with you to reach network drops wherever you work.
    e.  Google docs is heavily internet dependent, a good internet connection with minimum DSL speed is a must.  If your internet connection is not good, you should wait to work on a document at a time when you do have a good connection.
    f.  Copy and Paste:  Just as when you trying to delete a page break and allowing space above and below, when you copy and paste you need to highlight from the line above the table to the line below the table, then make sure you choose copy, then click in the location where you want to enter the data and select paste.  Pay attention to what you paste, if it is incorrect, use the Edit Menu and choose undo, go back and carefully select your data and paste again.

    g. If you are in a location that frequently drops connection with Google, be sure to us the Save button and not the Save & Close. If your connection is dropped and you Save & Close, you can lose data. If you use Save and get an error about no connection,  you should be able to wait a few moments and try the Save again. Once saved you can close out of the document if needed.

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